How To Look Look Great – For Women – Therapy Shopping


Like most girls growing up, life was more about looking great, boys, parties, booze, friends, “frenemies”, having fun, and basically just more about you than anything else. And not everyone would like to admit it, just because it sounds like a horrible thing to admit to, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no truth to it.


While there’s great and utter happiness in youth, real life will hit you. Now that you’re all grown up, aside from work, kids, family, and bills to worry about, you hardly have time for the things you usually do for yourself. And while that can be very bad for you and your mental health, it’s a problem that most women have today – never having enough ME time.


Unfortunately, there is no pause button on life, but you can definitely make it better. Just like how much you enjoyed playing dress up as a kid, you can bet that dressing up and looking good can make you feel better by ten folds. But don’t take it from me, try it for yourself!


  • Just because you don’t have the time to sit around and plan your wardrobe doesn’t mean you should just go out with whatever you have on, or worse, intentionally change into sweatpants and a t-shirt. That’s just unacceptable and down right nasty to look at. Instead, stock on dresses with cute styles, bold colors, and floral patterns. With these styles, you will always look fresh and updated, fashionably speaking. You can get more info at wikihow in case you need it. Consider dresses as your safe haven for days when it just seems like you’re always short on time.


  • Stick with neutral colored shoes to go with whatever item of clothing you feel like wearing. With neutral colored shoes, you don’t even need to really think about it, you just need to slip it on and be out the door. If youre into shoes — we recommend going to simply because they have the best pricing and customer service on the planet.


  • Face it, skinny jeans are the bomb. Whenever you feel like just going for whatever you can grab, grab skinny jeans. They instantly revamp any shirt, blouse, or sweater you wear. They are also the one thing that goes on full rotation in your closet no matter what the season is.


  • Invest in classic style jewelry that instantly amps up your fashion style. It can be anything from traditional necklaces to a more business like chic pair of cufflinks for women. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a certain piece since how you pick your fashion jewelry has more to do with what your style is. But more importantly, it should allow you to play up your wardrobe however you like. So, accessorize away!


And while stylish clothes make you look great, that’s just half of it. Always take a few minutes to put some lipstick on, maybe even a little foundation and blush. Even though it’s just a little make-up, it’s a long way from how you would normally look, which is a great thing. You can find some great tips on if you want to add a little pizzaz to your style.